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Friendship Charms, Friendship Bracelets - Gifts for Best Friends - Best Friends Forever!!!

Gifts for Friendships we Treasure. Gifts for Best Friends. Gifts for Special Friends we call Family. 

When we were young we bought rings and necklaces that announced to the world that we were Best Friends with someone. Now that we have grown up our custom jewelry is a sophisticated way of telling your friends that they mean the world to you. Purchase a single strand bracelet in your favorite style and add your's and your best friend's birthstone crystals on a dangle. The personalized bracelet is a constant reminder of the special friendship you share. This is Sure to be a gift she will Cherish for all time. 

Design your Best Friends or Friendshp Jewerly today!   If you do not see exactly what you are looking for please contact us and we will help you design the perfect gift for your Best Friend. 

Silver Chelsea - Single Strand Name Bracelet

Best Friends Bracelet with Birthstone Dangle and Charm.

Birthstone and Clear Crystal Bracelet - Single Strand

Matching Friendship Bracelets with Two Piece Best Friend Heart Charm.

Key Chain

Sterling Silver Key Chain with Special Friend Charm and Birthstone Dangles.

Birthstone and Clear Crystal Bracelet - Single Strand

Special Friend Bracelet and Matching Earrings.

Two Crystal Dangle Earrings

Sterling Silver Earrings - select Crystal Colors to represent you and your friend.

Best Friend Charm - Plain Text

Sterling Silver Friendship Charm

Best Friends Charm - Plain Split Heart

Sterling Silver Two Piece Best Friend Heart Charm

Best Friends Charm - Scroll Split Heart

Large Sterling Silver Two Piece Best Friends Heart Charm.

Best Friends Charm - One Piece Heart

Sterling Silver Best Friends Heart Charm.

Special Friend Text Charm

Sterling Silver Special Friend Charm.

Multi Birthstone Bracelet - Single Strand (No Letters)

Birthstone Bracelet with Friends Birthstones and a Best Friend Charm.

Charm Bracelet - Bali Chain

Bali Chain Charm Bracelet with your Choice of Charms and Dangles.

Charm Bracelet - Fancy Chain

Best Friend Charm Bracelet- Add any Charms or Dangles you Like.

Key Chain

Matching Key Chains with Best Friend Charms and Birthstone Dangles.

Multi Dangle Earrings

14k Gold Filled Earrings with Two Birthstones and Silver Accents.

Birthstone and Clear Crystal Bracelet - Single Strand

Friendship Bracelet with Birthstone Earrings and Dangle.

Multi Birthstone Bracelet - Four Strand (No Letters)

Friendship Bracelet with Birthstones Representing you and your best friend.