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Add A Strand

If your Family is Growing!!!  Congratulations!!!  You can Add A Strand to your Cherished Time Designs Name Bracelet - or - a bracelet made from another company. 



I'd like to Add A Strand to my Cherished Time Designs Bracelet:

Plesae log-in to your account.  Click on ORDERS and find the bracelet you would like to Add A Strand to.  Click on RETURNS.  Fill out the form to begin the Add A  Strand process.   We will get back to you with a link to the Add A Strand page and a Return Authorization Number for you to include with your returning bracelet. 



I'd like to Add A Strand to a bracelet that was not made by Cherished Time Designs:

We often get the request to Add Strands to bracelets that are made by other companies.  Yes, we can do this.  When we receive your bracelet we will match your beads and style as closely as possible and mix in our beads to create a symmetrical balanced new bracelet.   Customers have been VERY pleased with the results.  One note:  Our Letter blocks are 5.8mm (approx 1.4").  If your letter blocks are not that size you will probably choose to replace your blocks so that all your blocks will match.  To request an Add A Strand - please send us an email and we will provide you with a link to the Add a Strand page. 





When we ADD A STRAND we also re-string and rebuild your whole bracelet. This is a requirement in our building process and it starts you off with all new strong wires.  

Re-String One Strand:  $10

Re-String Two Strands:  $15

Re-String Three Strands:  $25





Add one Strand: $50

Add two Strands: $100

Add three strands: $150