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About Us

Cherished Time Designs is a home based business in Portland, Oregon that began back in 2002. 


My name is Michelle, founder of Cherished Time Designs.  I always believed when I had children I would have a career and work outside the home. But, once I had my two beautiful daughters I realized I had to figure out a way to have the best of both worlds and work from home.  I started Cherished Time Designs so that I could do just that.


Michelle Shurts


In the beginning I planned on doing enough business to keep the working side of me satisfied but the business took off and I found I had to hire my friends and family to help out.  I'm happy to say that the ladies who make your jewelrly items are also stay at home moms and they put a lot of loving care into each and every piece they build. 


Thank you for your business!  We enjoy making keepsakes representing your loved ones and special occassions that you will Cherish for All Time!



Michelle Shurts